Morgenland Festival Osnabrück presents Eastern Voices

A film by Frank Scheffer and Günter Wallbrecht

A co-production of Dreyer.Gaido, ww-media, Frank Scheffer
for Gesellschaft der Freunde. Morgenland Festival Osnabrück

released by EuroArts International

Alim & Fargana Qasimov Ensemble, Ibrahim Keivo, Salar Aghili & Harir Shariatzadeh, Yulduz Turdieva Ensemble, Christian Heinecke
Morgenland Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Nader Mashayekhi

Eastern_Voices_Documentary.jpgIn 2009, the Morgenland Chamber Orchestra was founded – a meeting point for musicians from Azerbaijan, Iran, Syria and Germany under the musical direction of the Iranian composer and conductor Nader Mashayekhi. Mashayekhi was born in Tehran and began his musical education there, which he later continued in Vienna. For this reason, he is equally familiar with classical and contemporary music from the East as he is with that from the West.

The film project Eastern Voices follows the beginnings of this ensemble; it looks over the shoulders of the musicians, even during difficult moments in rehearsal, and shows the performances acclaimed by the public. It records difficulties in communication between the musicians whose roots are from such diverse cultures, and shows how the one group, which follows a fixed succession of printed notes, comes together with the other, for whom the majority of musical experience has passed through the generations in a much more oral form; how one comes to an understanding with the other, concerning ideas of sound and time in music. Thus, the film Eastern Voices is successful in portraying authentic, live and exciting moments in the difficulties encountered, leading to a coming together in a harmonic symbiosis.

It is accompanied by three live performances recorded at the Morgenland Festival:
Alim & Fargana Qasimov Ensemble - Mugham Bayati Shiraz
Salar Aghili & Harir Shariatzadeh - Faryad az an nargese masti ke to dari
Ibrahim Keivo - Iskeshir, Az Khalfem; Halak shalou & Kul el hala, Sharfadinah

DVD and BluRay
Documentary: 49 min
Performances: 61 min
NTSC 16:9, PCM Stereo DD5.1 – DTS 5.1