1 Dolan Muqam

Shall the name of a man with good deeds,
ever die down?!
alaah; shall the name of a man with good deeds,
ever die down?!
of a man of evil
no one ever asks the whereabouts.
going back and forth is my choice,
the lover is mine, I am whipped eighty times over,
let me win your heart spinning about you,
let me bow like the child of a goshawk.
the lover, my lover, calls me bad
I have no concept of being bad
hey lover, sleeping late and rising early,
I plead for peace and safety.
the flame of my lover burns me again and again.
burning and kissing it burns again
the pain of love is unbearable.
Listen! Lover it is not good to say a lover is bad.
being together is fine,
being on the street is not, 
it is really not.

2 Qara jorgha (Black Trotting Horse - Samovar)

WIthout black trotting horse,
would you find the dance force.
without a double-layer skirt,
would a girl be sensual sort.
If only I had a samovar boiling water
if only my lover sanded around while I was drinking tea.
I am the sound of samovar
I am a goose flying over a desert
I am willing to lose my life fighting the enemy.

3 Aq Bayan

Be safe my Bayan
my homeland left behind
be safe too, the wind
blowing on the hill.
White Bayan
my white heart
known for all.
Ducks were quacking
birds were chirping
never get enough,
stare, wondering.

4 The Worker

Roaring fire thrower
furnace is spitting smoke
heating and burning you
no way to go back
You are dragging your cart forward
with sweat pouring from you body
when your son comes to ask you for crayons
to give him some change, sweat must be produced
You were not a top student
Your school was like your playground
with your bag put away
as you can't add five & four
You were not tired of playing at all
with your folks attending your every need
this is the life you have now
working for eight hours
you are nothing but a blue-collar worker
this is a big lesson for you
it is time to see your son.
Let's hope he will be a good man
a role model for his sister
an anchor for his family
making you feel calm
have you thought of your youth
that you wasted?
It is irreplaceable.
don't let you kids become like you.
including your daughter.
Think twice!

5 Tughulghan kunum (Happy Thirtieth Birthday)

Today everyone is happy to congratulate me,
 presenting flowers to me, weakly smiling,
I sit with the candle
representing my age flickering.
Today it is my 30th birthday, when I realize
myself in real sense. I don't know whether to
laugh or cry.
My past is like a film, an unfinished film.
but half part of my life is gone.
I am not delighted but sad today.
Today it is my 30th birthday, when I realize
myself in real sense. I don't know whether to
laugh or cry.

6 Qizdar (Girls)

Black tusha, white tusha
tusha tusha oh girls
girls look wonderful
if they've got the body
Poor some water on your yard
Let your daddy fall hard
when the water freezes
hey hey girls, be by my side,
no more words, understand it yourself.

7 Tarim

I went over the river of Tarim, saying goodbye to my
lovers and saying goodbye to my dreams and love,
goodbye to my dreams and love.
I will work hard by the Tarim
if you come along here
I will cover you with flowers
I will cover you with flowers.

8 Shukri didim (Back to my Childhood)

I want to go back to my childhood and lie in your lap.
I also want to hang around the park sitting in front of your bike
I want to eat your noodles and wear the sweater knitted by you,
I also miss stealing your cookies from the table
You would always tell me to be a good man and stay
away from bad things, that only you are your best friend.
Now I've grown up a good man.
I think your dream came true,
as you foretold I am married, had children.
but you are gone at such a great moment.
mother... father...
Into this world we come helpless, as do animals.
Thank God for what you gave me so far.

9 Zaytunkhan, Nazirkum

Zaytunkhan has got gold and over-cooked bread on her hands
I will get rid of this lover when I find that lover.
My lover and I were brought up in the same neighborhood
initially we made a promise not to split up
canyon is a home to the deer
all children resemble their mothers.
I have a house on the mountain.
I have a feeling for Zaytunkhan
That is our building next to a yard with many trees,
it is Sunday, not a good day for dresses,
Way-way! Nazurkum
my time flows like ware
a pigeon finds a mate then lands in a tree.