Lyrics/Song infos

Morgenland All Star Band
Live at NDR Hanover

Track 2

Ishchi – composend and sung by Perhat Khaliq

Ishchi - The Worker

Roaring fire thrower

furnace is spitting smoke

heating and burning you

no way to go back

You are dragging your cart forward

with sweat pouring from you body

when your son comes to ask you for crayons

to give him some change, sweat must be produced

You were not a top student

Your school was like your playground

with your bag put away

as you can't add five & four

You were not tired of playing at all
with your folks attending your every need

this is the life you have now

working for eight hours

you are nothing but a blue-collar worker

this is a big lesson for you

it is time to see your son.

Let's hope he will be a good man

a role model for his sister

an anchor for his family

making you feel calm

have you thought of your youth
that you wasted?

It is irreplaceable.

Don't let you kids become like you.

Including your daughter.

Think twice!

Track 4

Malaya Lorca – sung by Ibrahim Keivo

Malaya Lorca combines two traditional love songs: “Malaya“ is a song from the Arab city of Mardin in Turkey, „Lorca Lorca“ is a traditional Kurdish song, 

Ibrahim Keivo grew up in Al Jazeera, Mesopotamia, where Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Assyrian and Mardalli (the Arabic dialect of Mardin) singing traditions meet.