Ibrahim Keivo & NDR Bigband

1 Bi Hobo - This love
by Ibrahim Keivo

Our Love made us in whirlwind, what have we done wrong even the closest friends blame us.
The people who through thorns on us we throw them with flowers instead because we leave them to God who will take of their Deeds.
We don’t care for what people say and keep our love alive.

2 Meberiyas te kiryha - I miss you
by Ibrahim Keivo
I miss you so much don’t go faraway from me.
When you're far me I become soulless.
O Come, O Come my love when you're with me life becomes beautiful life.
Let us stay hand in hand you are the light of my eyes. You entered my blood and heart. 


3 Aysiya - This one I love
by Ibrahim Keivo

This is the one I choose; the one that her eyes look like Deer eyes.
This is one I chose that her tallness look like Basel.

Where ever and whenever I look I will never see such beautify
What a beauty when she walks!
What a beauty when she laughs!
What a beauty when she winks! She makes me wonder.
She is like a flower in open field.

4 Sherine
by Ibrahim Keivo and Gani Mirzo

Your taste is like sugar. O Sherine
You taste is like Honey. O Sherine
Your taste is even better than both. O Sherine
You are as beautiful as flower and as an apple. O Sherine
You are more beautiful than both. O Sherine
Your flavor is as beautiful as basil and all flowers. O Sherine
No, your flavor is more beautiful than all flavors. O Sherine
5 Nare 
Armenian traditional

Nare is a name for an Armenian girl.

O Nare my love, I Nare My Love.
O Nare my Soul, O Nare My soul.
You pass by me and ignore me, Why is that! O Nare
Come to me and I want to tell you something. O Nare
Come to me I want to caress your hair. O Nare
You pass by me and ignore me, Why is that! O beautiful O Nare.

Your love is always in my heart. O Nare   
I just want to hear your voice. O Nare
You pass by me and ignore me, Why is that! 
O beautiful O Nare.