Salman_Gambarov.jpgBy Salman Gambarov’s own admission, his music is born out of pure improvisation unconstrained by limits of time, without the luxury of a second take – it is not dictated consciously, but by the feeling of the moment – the feeling of the Time.

Azerbaijani pianist Salman Gambarov conducts research tirelessly, and there is always paradox. This encyclopaedically knowledgeable musician, having completed two courses of higher education, with a remarkable grasp of the theory of western music as well as of composition, has developed his own hallmark over many years of experimentation – the hallmark of Salman Gambarov, which can be described thus: “in every familiar phenomenon, something new and unknown can always be found.”

His multi-faceted creative laboratory permanently resonates to sessions with different musicians from a variety of musical genres. This includes projects based upon jazz classics (‘StandArt’, in cooperation with German tenor saxophonist Werner Englert, Kassel Music Days, 2007); academic music, ‘Lieder Leaders’ with soprano vocalist Farida Mammadova (Beethoven Festival, Bonn 2008); ethno-music (‘East or West?’); international projects in cooperation with the Indian singer Vasumathi Badrinathan and American trumpeter Amir ElSaffar (Baku Jazz Festival 2009); theatre (the musical ‘Baku’) and cinema. However different the elements of his jazz projects are, Gambarov understands them as a complete conception. Wherein lies the secret? In detailed study of the ‘laws of the genre’. Perhaps the reconstruction of any theme, even a familiar standard or folk melody, begins at a molecular level? – “There is no secret here; only to be open to something new. Our ears, eyes and minds should simply be prepared to accept the new.”

 “Bakustik Jazz” – the group founded by Salman Gambarov in 1996, is a permanent process of research and development. Its main principle is to involve a variety of musicians; the personnel depend on the project of the time. The group has taken part in jazz festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine etc. and has performed in jazz clubs in Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, Chicago among other cities.

Fariza Babayeva