Chamber Music

Alois Bröder - Chamber music with guitar mit Gitarre

14 neue Haiku

Drei Spiele
14 Haiku

Catalog number 21043

Christopher Brandt, guitar

Olaf Van Gonnissen, guitar

Eva Lebherz-Valentin, soprano

Martin Hummel, baritone

Friederike Richter, piano

Johannes Fischer, alto recorder

Linda Bangs, baritone saxophone

Christoph von Erffa, violoncello

Alois Bröder is a composer who knows how to bring together intellect and belly in his works. He writes pieces which have to be comprehended well for the open-minded listener. As a trained guitarist he has a faible for this instrument whose possibilities he exhausts. He revives the song accompanied with guitar (in the 19th century often usually), possibly in his both haiku cycles which were recorded with the soprano Eva Lebherz-Valentin, the baritone Martin Hummel and Christopher Brandt and published together with other works as Chamber Music with Guitar.Bröder writes fascinatingly for the respective instruments. The haiku songs are vocal in the disposition and also follow the meaning of the texts. The sounding of the instrumental music is enjoyed thoroughly in an ingenious way, and absorbing connections originate, possibly in the Abbozzi for guitar and piano, whereby the listener is astonished that both instruments fit so well. Similar happens in Drei Spiele for guitar, baritone saxophone and cello.
Heinz Zietsch(in: Darmstädter Echo, 23.7.2008)


Rudolf Hindemith Edition Vol. 3
Rudolf Hindemtih as interpreter - historical recordings


Rudolf Hindemith, cello

Paul Hindemith, viola

Amar Quartet
Alice Ehlers, harpsichord

Mariangela Granata, piano

Catalogue number 21032

Frédéric Chopin
Sonata for violoncello and piano g-minor op. 65

Antonin Dvorák
Dumky-Trio, op. 90

Benedetto Marcello
Sonata für violoncello and harpsichord F-major

Ludwig van Beethoven
Duett for viola and violoncello Es-major; WoO 32

Igor Strawinsky
Concertino (for Stringquartet) in one movement


La Bellina

Silke Meyer, recorder
Claudia Krawietz, harpsichord

Catalog number 21006

Works by

Pandolfi Mealli, Francois Couperin, Anne Dancian Philidor, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, Louis Couperin, Angelo Berardi


Double Talk. Contemporary Japanese Music

Werke von Michiharu Matsunaga, Maki Ishi, Satoshi Ohmae, Toshio Hosokawa,   Yoshirio Kanno, Makoto Shinohara

Gudula Rosa, Blockflöten
Makiko Goto, Koto

Katalognummer: 21005

Dirk Hühner in RADIO kultur:  „Wahre Klangwunder vollbringt Gudula Rosa auf ihren Blockflöten...“

Gerhard Braun in Tibia: „Die beiden Interpreten verdienen höchste Anerkennung für ihre von einer meditativen Grundhaltung geprägte Darbietung, die allen technischen Anforderungen genügt und nicht nur im Konzert, sondern (was durchaus nicht selbstverständlich ist) auch aus dem Lautsprecher eine starke Ausstrahlung vermittelt. Prädikat: Höchst empfehlenswert!“

The contemporary voice of Turkish music


Atilla Aledemir, Violin
evki Karayel, piano

Catalog number 21026

This CD presents works of composers from different periods, who could justly be said to represent “the contemporary voice of Turkish music”. The selection of works for violin and piano does justice to the technical peculiarities of each individual work and gives a hearing to Turkish music of the 20th century as a whole.

Demet – Suite for violin and piano
Ş (*1921)
„Approximate Duo“ for violin and piano
(dedicated to Atilla Aldemir and Ş
evki Karayel)
FAZIL SAY (*1970)
Sonata for violin and piano
Three pieces for violin and piano
Vacuum (dedicated to Atilla Aldemir)
Encore (dedicated to Atilla Aldemir and
Şevki Karayel)

“This CD recording can claim to be one of the most serious and professional productions of works by Turkish composers which has ever been released, either in Turkey or elsewhere in the world. It fills me with pride and pleasure to have played, with my composition, a small part in this production.“

Fazil Say

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