Chamber Music

Rudolf Hindemith Edition, Vol. 1

Catalog number 21009 

Five Piano Pieces / Sonatina Nr. 7
Theme and Variations on „Ich hab’ die Nacht geträumet“
Der Spiegel for string quartet
Sextett – Serenade
Suite for piano and orchestra

Jutta Müller-Vornehm, piano (Five Piano Pieces, Sonatina)
Kolja Lessing, piano (Suite)
Members of Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Bremen (String Quartet, Serenade)
Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Bremen
George Alexander Albrecht

„Kolja Lessing as the soloist and Alexander Albrecht as conductor present the Suite for Piano and Orchestra as a very entertaining composition, …, which betrays the influence of Spanish folk music and jazz and is characterised in all its differing types of genre and movements by a laconic shortness. Rudolf Hindemith reveals a quite amazing originality and bubbly temperament.”



Quasi Improvisata - Works for Cello & Bajan

David Geringas, cello
Geir Draugsvoll, bajan

Catalog number 21008

Every interpretation is, to a certain degree, an improvisation of a text which remains unseen to the listener. This is true of the works performed on this CD in a very particular way, because they are only partly written down and rely for the rest on the will and fantasy of the player.

The excellent duo – the cellist David Geringas and the Bajan (button accordion) player Geir Draugsvoll – draw their inspiration from quite different sources. But they also have something in common: they make each piece to an inspired "quasi improvisata"  which is forever unique.

Anatolijus Šenderovas:                
Songs of Sulamite

Sofia Gubaidulina:
In Croce

Lepo Sumera: 
Quasi Improvisata

Eduardas Balsys:

Astor Piazzolla:
Tanti anni prima
Hommage à Liège
- Introducción
- Milonga
- Tango

„... sounds fascinating!"

Johannes Saltzwedel in KulturSPIEGEL


My Recollections
Lithuanian contemporary music for cello and piano

David Geringas, cello
Tatjana Schatz-Geringas, piano
Petras Geniusas, piano

Catalog number 21012

Vytautas Barkauskas: Suite de concert, op.98 (1993)
Bronius Kutavicius: Rhythmus – Arhythmus (1993)
Anatolijus Senderovas: Due canti (1993)
Osvaldas Balakauskas: Dal vento (1999)
Mindaugas Urbaitis: Reminiscences (1999)


All recordings made under the supervision of the composer

“My Recolections is a collection of virtuoso show pieces and blissfully tuneful character pieces. These present a richly varied panorama of fine-sounding perspectives and are all marked by the memories of a common past which was corrupted by the political state of affairs.“

Die Welt


A co-production with the Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre


Rudolf Hindemith Edition Vol. 2

Piano music and chamber music

Catalog number 21018

Seven preludes and fugues
Sonatinas Nr. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
Waltz of the opera „Des Kaisers Neue Kleider”
Sextett (Serenade) for clarinet, string quartet and double bass

Mariangela Granata, piano
Ludger Maxsein, piano
Eduard Brunner, clarinet
Alfred Schopper, violin
Miwako Ninomiya, violin
Rhoda Lee Rhea, viola
Rudolf Hindemith, violoncello
Rudolf Knerer, double bass

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