Friedhelm Döhl Edition Vol. 13
Music à 1- 8 players

Catalog number 21053

The CD contains works from four decades for various ensembles from 1-8 players and once again shows Döhl’s variety of expression and  instrumental fantasy: from the solo sonatas for Violin and Cello, in which lyricism and virtuosity encounter one another, from the so intimate and colourful duos for Cello/Harp and Violin/Guitar - to the ensemble works (which by far exceed the boundaries of chamber music) such as ‘Graduale’ for 8 Trombones (with Bass Drum) and ‘Conductus’ for 4 Percussionists  - both examples of Döhl’s musical-spatial concept - and finally ‘Ballet mécanique’ for Chamber Orchestra, to the film of the same name by Fernand Léger.

GESANG DER FRÜHE / Violin sonata
TAPPETO / Impressions for violincello and harp
GRADUALE for 8 trombones (and gran cassa)
CONDUCTUS for 4 drummers
BALLET MÉCANIQUE for chamber orchestra
PAS DE DEUX for violine and guitar

Christiane Edinger

Klaus and Helga Storck

Posaunen-Ensemble Ehrhard Wetz

Kroumata Ensemble Stockholm
Ensemble Bernhard Wulff

Walter Klasinc und Marga Bäuml

Ulf Tischbirek

"Döhls music represents a central aesthetic position of new art. To him, composing is asking questions of his 'self', music is a medium which he uses in his dealings with a world, whose brokenness and fragility is to be brought to light through art… The partial frugality of the angular contours, repetitive rhythms and glaring contrasts have a direct correlation to highly expressive cantability and dionysistic sound sensuality." Wilfried Gruhn, in 'Metzlers Composers Lexicon'

About the Friedhelm Döhl Edition

"Edition of the year" - Tilmann Urbach, Fono Forum 12/2009

"Performances and supporting documentation are admirable."
Cambridge University Press

„Une voix des profondeurs dans le désert du présent“

Fred Audin/ ClassiqueInfo-Disque, 2/2009